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Our Projects

Reconstruction of the Moscow medical academy of a name And. M.Setchenov

In the summer of 2008 our firm has put almost 1000 m. of a pig-iron cast fencing for reconstruction of the Moscow medical academy of a name And. M.Setchenov.

The traditional Moscow pig-iron fencing has been established in territory of medical small town of the academy which cases leave on the Big Pirogovsky street. These works were spent within the limits of the 250 anniversary of academy passing in 2008 And. M.Setchenov, by the right of considered as one of the best in the world. It not only the unique architectural complex, the well-known monument of history, but also the unique educational, research and medical centre.

Accomplishment of square at a monument to "Subjugators of space"

In 2008-2009 our firm has taken part in an accomplishment of square at a monument to "Subjugators of space» on the World prospectus, д.111, — a unique monument, erected in honour of start of the first artificial companion of the Earth.

We had been put almost 2 000 metres of a pig-iron cast protection of square, gross weight more than 300 tons. The design of sections of a protection and columns has been developed specially for this object. Works were spent within the limits of reconstruction of the Memorial museum of astronautics. This complex devoted stories of an outer space exploration, is equipped now by modern interactive exhibits and training apparatus. On April, 11th, 2009 the object has been accepted in operation by the mayor of Moscow Ю. M.Luzhkov, a management of Federal space agency and veterans space-rocket forces.

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