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Art Castings

Below are some examples of the work that the "Kasli" factory can do for you.
symbolism bust vase group small box candelabrum corbel ash-tray candlestick clock plate paperweight bas-relief frame statuette match-box disc desk set accessories

Catalogue of Decorative Casting:

The "Kasli" factory suggests that you get acquainted with its unique range of products which were custom made by the factory’s experts. The range includes samples of sculptures and interior design fixtures cast from iron and bronze. All products created at the factory are made to the highest standards of quality and are highlighted by their artistic value and historical importance.

The "Kasli" factory is one of the oldest located in the Ural Mountain range was established in 1747 by Jacob Korobkov. The factory has since then mastered the art of iron moulding based on samples from all over Western Europe. The main assortment of goods made by the factory started generating from the middle of the nineteenth century and by the twentieth century totalled over one thousand architectural and art products, this range is ever increasing.

The history of "Kasli" moulding is undoubtedly linked with the development of art and sculptural trends throughout Russia in the nineteenth century. The factory has seen some great sculptors in its time, names such as M. Kanaev and N. Bakh appeared throughout the factory’s long history. The offered the factory their own mould designs as well as bringing in sample designs from sculptors such as E. Lancer, P. Klodta, N. Liberikha, A.L.Obera and other Russian and foreign sculptors.

The techniques and traditions of "Kasli" moulding have been passed down through generations of sculptors and were kept in secrecy until now. The moulding of "Kasli" products uses a unique combination of hand craftsmanship, moulding and painting to create the products you see here.

In 2007 year the factory celebrates the 260-years anniversary.

    The unique products of the "Kasli" art range include:
  • Sculpture, sculptural pieces as well as interior decoration;
  • Interior decorative objects such as - plates, vases, candleholders, clocks, relief work, cast furniture and fireplace accessories;
  • Souvenirs and custom work

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