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The History of Kasli Cast Iron Manufacture

Cast-iron from the Ural Mountain Range as well as masterpieces of Kasli casting (named after the town of Kasli) were delivered by merchants to various parts of the world.

Kasli Cast Iron manufacture is one of the oldest trades in Russia.

The plant was founded in 1747, under the rule of Empress Elizabeth Petrovna, daughter of Peter the Great.

The founders of the plant became the most famous and wealthy family of merchants Demidovyh. The family were actively engaged in the development of Western Siberia, and in particular, the mineral-rich Ural Mountains.

Very soon the Kasli factory became known as the center of casting high quality grills, fences, floor slabs with ornamental terrain, as well as tombstones. In 1845 the factory was engaged in the production of furniture and decorative wooden interior, simple dishes and candlesticks.

Kasli manufacture wizards went to Europe, made copies of famous sculptures, and cast these sculptures in iron form. This made it easier for people to enjoy these works of art in miniature form.

The years 1860 through 1890 became the artistic dawn of iron casting. In 1890, the Kasli factory was renowned as the Supplier of His Imperial Majesty.

For the first time Kasli manufacture has been awarded the Gold Award in the form of a medal by the Volno-Ekonomicheskogo society in 1860. Then followed the exhibitions in St. Petersburg, Paris and London.

In 1860 – the Exhibition of Agriculture and Industry in St. Petersburg, established by the Imperial Free Economic Society the Kasli factory was awarded a Gold Medal.

In 1861 – the Russian exhibition of manufacture in St. Petersburg, a silver medal was awarded.

In 1867 – the World Exhibition in Paris, a silver medal was awarded.

In 1870 - the Russian exhibition of manufacture in St. Petersburg, a gold medal was awarded.

In 1872 - Polytechnique exhibition in Moscow, a gold medal was awarded.

In 1873 - World Exhibition in Vienna, a gold medal was awarded.

In 1876 - World Exhibition in Philadelphia, a bronze medal was awarded.

In 1882 – The Russian Art-Industry Exhibition in Moscow, a silver medal was awarded.

In 1887 – "Sibirsko-Uralskaya" Scientific Exhibition in Yekaterinburg, a large silver medal was awarded.

In 1888 - World Exhibition in Copenhagen, the Honorary Degree was awarded.

In 1893 - World Exhibition in Chicago, a bronze medal and the Honorary Degree were awarded.

In 1896 - The Russian Art-Industry Exhibition in Nizhny Novgorod, the State awarded the right to use the emblem depicting its products at the factory.

In 1897 - The International Exhibition in Stockholm, memorial gold medal and the right image at its factory products awarded.

In 1900 - World Exhibition in Paris, the highest reward – the "Grand Crystal Globe" was given to the Kasli factory.

The triumph of Kasli manufacture was the World Exhibition of Applied Arts in Paris in 1900. The French struck the imagination of visitors exhibiting the Eiffel tower, but Kasli manufacture was mentioned to be impressive also.

Since then the Kasli factory has been given numerous awards and have participated in many grand projects.

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